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Symposium 47
Les Eyzies, France (2022)

The proceedings volume of the 47th INHIGEO Symposium held in Les Eyzies, France in 2022 is published in the journal Travaux du Comité français d’Histoire de la Géologie, 2023, 3ème série (tome 36 bis), edited by Gaston Godard, Philippe Grandchamp and Pascal Richet. The papers may be download from

Symposium 46
Poland, online meeting (2021)

Abstracts of the papers presented at 46th INHIGEO Symposium are published in

Stanislav Wolkowicz (ed.) Book of Abstracts. 46th International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO) Symposium. Poland, 19-22 July 2021. Warszawa 2021.

(available at

Symposium 45
cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Symposium 44
Varese/Como, Italy (2019)

The proceedings volume of the 44th INHIGEO Symposium held in Varese / Como in 2019 is published in PHYSIS Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza, 56 (2021).
The abstracts and contents page of this volume, edited by Ezio Vaccari, may be downloaded in pdf from the journal website:

Symposium 43
Mexico City, Mexico (2018)

Papers presented at the INHIGEO meeting 2018 are published in

Earth Sciences History, Vol. 39, Issue 2 (2020), ed. by John Diemer. (available at

Symposium 42
Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

The 50th Anniversary of INHIGEO (1967-2017) was celebrated in Yerevan with the book launch: 

Mayer, W., Clary, R. M., Azuela, L. F., Mota, T. S. & Wolkowicz, S. (eds) History of Geoscience: Celebrating 50 Years of INHIGEO. Geological Society, London 2017, Special Publication 442.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2017)

Papers presented at the ICHST/INHIGEO meeting in Rio de Janeiro are published by:

Figueirȏa, S. F., Good, G.A., Peyerl, D. (eds) History, Exploration & Exploitation of Oil and Gas. Springer 2019.

Symposium 40
Beijing, China (2015)

Papers presented at the INHIGEO meeting 2015 in Beijing are published in

Essays on the History of Geology, No.7, Beijing Geology Press, 2018
Edited by the Chinese Committee of History of Geology, The Institute of the History of Geology.

Symposium 39

Asilomar, California (2014)

Symposium 40 Asilomar, California (2014), Papers presented at the INHIGEO meeting are published in

Earth Sciences Society, Vol. 34, Issue 2 (2015): 169-332, ed. by John Diemer. (available at

Symposium 38

Manchester, GB (2013)

Symposium 39 Manchester, GB (2013), Papers presented at the ICHST/INHIGEO meeting 2013 in Manchester are published in

Earth Sciences History, Vol. 33, Issue 2 (2014):187-293, ed. by John Diemer (available at

Symposium 37

Brisbane, Australia (2012)

Papers presented at the IGC/INHIGEO meeting 2012 of “The Branagan Symposium” are published in

Earth Sciences History, Vol. 32, Issue 1 (2013), ed. by David R. Oldroyd. (available at

Symposium 36
Toyohashi, Japan (2011)

Visual Images and Geological Concepts: Proceedings of INHIGEO 2011, Japanese Association for the History of Geology (2012).

Symposium 35
Madrid- Almadén, Spain (2010)

INHIGEO meeting 2011 Madrid-Almadén-Iberian Pyritic Belt, Spain. De Re Metallica 13: 116 pages (2009). (available at

History of Research in Mineral Resources. Cuadernos del Museo Geominero, 13. Instituto Geológico y Mindero de Espaňa, Madrid (2011). (available at

Symposium 34
Budapest, Hungary (2009)

Papers presented at the ICHST/INHIGEO meeting 2009 in Budapest are published in:

Centaurus. An International Journal of the History of Science and its Cultural Aspects, Vol. 53, Issue 2, Special Issue (2011). Seeing and Measuring, Constructing and Judging: Instruments in History of Earth Sciences, ed. by Carneiro A. and Klemun M.

Symposium 32
Eichstätt, Germany (2007)

Geology and Religion: A history of harmony and hostility

Geological Society of London, Special Publication SP-310 (2009). (available at

Symposium 31
Vilnius, Lithuania (2006)

Contributions to the History of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Geological Society of London, Special Publication SP-301 (2008). (available at

Symposium 29
Florence, Italy (2004)

The Origins of Geology in Italy,

Geological Society of America, Special Publication SP-411 (2007). (available at

Symposium 28
Dublin, Ireland (2003)

Four Centuries of Geological Travel: The search for knowledge on foot, bicycle, sledge and cam

Geological Society of London, Special Publication SP-287 (2007). (available at

Symposium 27
Paris, France (2002)

International symposium – Tribute to Alcide d'Orbigny – Muséum, Paris, 1st to 5th July 2002.
Proceedings of the 27th INHIGEO Symposium edited by Philippe TAQUET & Marie-Thérèse VÉNEC-PEYRÉ
Two  volume Thematic issue Comptes Rendue Palevol, 2002, Volume 1, Parts 6-7, 680p.
Académie des sciences, Paris. Éditions scientifiques et médicales Elsevier SAS
(available at

Symposium 26
Lisbon, Aveiro, Portugal (2001)

Geological Resources and History
Proceedings of the 26th INHIGEO Symposium of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sceinces (INHIGEO) held in Aveiro and in Lisbon, June 24-July 1, 2001.  439 p.
Centro de Estudos de Historia e filosofia da Ciencia e da Tecnica University of Aveiro, Portugal, 2003. Edited by Pinto, Manuel C.

Symposium 25
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2000)

Papers presented at the IGC/INHIGEO meeting 2000 in Rio de Janeiro are published in David R. Oldroyd (ed.)
The Earth Inside and Out: Some Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century
Geological Society of London 2002, Special Publication 192.
(available at

Symposium 24
Freiberg, Germany (1999)

Papers presented at the INHIGEO meeting 1999 in Freiberg are published in:
Helmut Albrecht & Roland Ladwig (editors), Abraham Gottlob Werner and the Foundation of the Geological Sciences. Selected Papers of the International Werner-Symposium in Freiberg, 19th to 24th September 1999. Volume 207 di Freiberger Forschungshefte: Montan- und Technikgeschichte. Technische Universität Bergakademie, 2002, Freiberg, 396p.

Symposium 23
Neuchatel, Switzerland (1998)

Papers presented at the INHIGEO meeting 1998 in Neuchatel are published in: Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, Band 92 (1999), heft 1-3; Band 93 (2000), Heft 1.
(available at

Symposium 22
Liège, Belgium (1997)

Papers presented at the International Congress of the History of Science/INHIGEO meeting 1997 in Liege are published in: Annals of Science, Volume 56, issue 4 (1999); Volume 57, Issue 2 & 3 (2000).
(available at

Symposium 21
Beijing, China (1996)

Comparative Planetology, Geological Education, History of Geology.
Proceedings Beijing International Geological Congress, Volume 26, Wang Hongzhen, D.F. Branagan, Ouyang Ziyuan and Wang Xunlin (eds), VSP, Utrecht and Tokyo, 1997, 306 pp. The history of geology section runs from p.147 to p.306.

Symposium 20
Naples /Aeolian Islands / Catania, Italy (1995)

Volcanoes and History
Proceedings volume of the 20th INHIGEO Symposium Napoli-Eolie-Catania (Italy).
Edited by Nicoletta Morello. Brigati - Genova. 1998. 755p.

Symposium 13
Pisa-Padua, Italy  (1987)

Rocks, Fossils and History.
Proceedings of the 13th INHIGEO Symposium Pisa-Padova (Italy).

Edited by Gaetano Giglia, Carlo Maccagni & Nicoletta Morello. Edizioni Festina Lente. Firenze.  1995. 287p.

Symposium 4

Montreal, Canada (1972)

History of Concepts in Precambrian Geology. Edited by W.O. Kupsch and W.A.S. Sarjeant.

Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 19, 1979. 292p.

Papers presented at Symposium 106 organized by the International Committee on the History of Geological Sciences at the 24th International Geological Congress, Montreal (Canada) in 1972.


The series on Classic Papers is published in the IUGS Journal Episodes and provides historical depths to modern geoscientific research.

At the invitation of the IUGS INHIGEO established this series in 2000 for historical commentaries of extracts from major pivotal or “turning-point” publications that are considered of fundamental theoretical importance to the geological sciences and/or to ground-breaking investigation of the geology of specific geographical areas. The series has been well received and seventeen papers have been published to date covering a broad range of disciplines and geographical areas.

If you are interested in submitting contributions for this series, please contact the INHIGEO Publications and Outreach Coordinator.


Classic Paper


Original paper (17)
2014     37(1): 63-70
E. Irving

Palaeomagnetic and palaeoclimatological aspects of polar wandering


2014     37(1): 59-62

Henry R. Frankel

Edward Irving’s palaeomagnetic evidence for continental drift (1956)


2011     34(1): 51-56

Simon Nathan

Harold Wellman and the Alpine Fault of New Zealand


2011     34(1): 41-50

David R. Oldroyd

Arthur Holmes’ paper of 1929 on convection currents within the Earth as a cause of continental drift


2009     32(2): 114-124

Kenneth L. Taylor

Desmarest’s “Determination of some epochs of nature through volcanic products” (1775/1779)

2008     31(4): 429-432

Walter C. Sweet,

Barry J. Cooper

C. H. Pander's introduction to conodonts, 1856

2006     29(3): 197-203
Aleksandar Grubić

The astronomic theory of climatic changes of Milutin Milankovich

2005     28(4): 279-285
Algimantas Grigelis

Ignacy Domeyko–an early investigator of Andean geology

2005     28(3): 205-208
David Branagan

An early view of Permo-Carboniferous glaciation and its implications, from Australia (1906)

2003     26(4): 310-317
Sergey Ivanovich Romanovsky, Victor Mitrofanovich Zoubarev

A. P. Karpinsky “On the regularity in outline, distribution, and structure of continents”

2003     26(1): 19-25

YANG Jing Yi,

David Oldroyd

A Chinese palaeontologist, Ma Ting Ying (1899–1979): From coral growth-rings to global tectonics

2002     25(4): 258-263
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson

John Joly's paper: "Uranium and Geology" (1908)

2002     25(2): 100-106
Bernhard Fritscher

Alfred Wegener's "The Origin of Continents", 1912

2001     24(4): 262-267
Martina Kölbl-Ebert

Inge Lehmann's paper: “P'” (1936)

2001     24(3): 194-200
Beryl Hamilton

Charles Lapworth's "The Moffat Series", 1878

2001     24(2): 118-123
Yasumoto Suzuki

Kiyoo Wadati and the path to the discovery of the intermediate-deep earthquake zone

2001     24(1): 37-40
Aleksandar Grubić

Andrija Mohorovičić's investigation of the earthquake of 8.10.1909

2000     23(3): 196-202
David R. Oldroyd

James Hutton’s “Theory of the Earth” (1788)


Articles on the History of the International Geological Congress 1878 ̶ 2000 published in the IUGS Journal Episodes.


The series on the International Geological Congress is published in the IUGS Journal Episodes and provides an overview of the planning, organization, scientific activities and outcomes of many of the congresses starting with the first  held in 1878 in Paris up until that held in Brazil in 2000.
These concise papers may be considered broadly within two categories: those related to the earlier IGC meetings include an historical analysis of many aspects of the congress while the more recent consist mainly of a detailed post-congress report.
Members of INHIGEO have in addition provided personal accounts of their experiences at specific IGC meetings and these memoirs in the form of oral histories, photographs, notes and congress documentation have been published both in the journals of Episodes and Earth Science History as well as in a variety of volumes related to the History of Geology.
General information on the International Geological Congress as well as post-congress reports on the more recent congresses may be found on the IUGS website


If you are interested in submitting contributions for this historical series in Episodes, please contact the INHIGEO Publications and Outreach Coordinator.




2002/ 25(4): 248-254       
Gian Battista Vai

Giovanni Capellini and the origin of the International Geological Congress

1 / 1878

France / Paris

1978/ 1(2): 20-24       
Franςois Ellenberger

The First International Geological Congress - Paris, 1878

2 / 1881

Italy / Bologna 

2004/ 27(1): 13-20

Gian Battista Vai

The Second International Geological Congress, Bologna, 1881

3 / 1885         

Germany / Berlin

2017/ 40(3): 249-257 

O. Puche-Riart, J. E. Ortiz-Menéndez,

L. F. Mazadiego-Martínez

The third International Geological Congress, Berlin (1885)

4 / 1888

U.K. / London

2022/ 45(3): 333-343
Beris M. Cox

The fourth International Geological Congress, London (1888)

5 / 1891  

USA / Washington

2006/ 29(4): 279-286  

Clifford M. Nelson

The Fifth International Geological Congress, Washington, 1891

6 / 1894  

Switzerland / Zurich

2005/ 28(3): 187-192

Sibylle Franks, Rudolf Trümpy

The Sixth International Geological Congress: Zürich, 1894

7 / 1897

Russia / St. Petersburg

2004/ 27(2): 101-106
E.E. Milanovsky

Three sessions of the International Geological Congress held in Russia and the USSR

(1897, 1937, 1984)

8 / 1900

France / Paris

2008/ 31(3): 336-343
O. Puche Riart, L. F. Mazadiego Martínez,

P. Kindelán Echevarría

The VIII International Geological Congress, Paris 1900

9 / 1903

Austria / Vienna

2022 October online 

Marianne Klemun

Science and Prestige: The 9th International Geological Congress, Vienna (1903)

10 / 1906

Mexico / Mexico City

2011/ 34(3): 197-207 
O. Puche Riart, L. F. Mazadiego Martínez 

The 10th International Geology Congress, Mexico (1906)

11 / 1910

Sweden / Stockholm

2004/27(4): 284-292

Björn Sundquist, Christer Nordlund

Science and Honour: The 11th International Geological Congress in Stockholm 1910

12 / 1913

Canada / Toronto

2007/ 30(4): 290-295  
Gerard V. Middleton       

The 12th International Geological Congress, Toronto, 1913

13 / 1922

Belgium / Brussels

2022; 45(4): 457-467
Philippe Le Vigouroux

The XIII International Geological Congress of 1922 in Brussels (Belgium): between wounds of the Great War and theory passed under silence

14 / 1926

Spain / Madrid 

2005/ 28(1): 42-47 
Francisco J. Ayala-Carcedo, Antonio Perejón, Luis Jordá, Octavio Puche-Riart

The XIV International Geological Congress of 1926 in Spain

15 / 1929

South Africa / Pretoria                  

2013/ 36(2): 125-137     
L. F. Mazadiego-Martínez, Octavio Puche-Riart                     

The 15th International Geological Congress, South Africa (1929):

The Resurgence of Wegener’s Continental Drift Theory

16 / 1933   

USA / Washington

1987/ 10(4): 329-332 
Thomas B. Nolan, Marie Siegrist

Recalling the 16th IGC, Washington 1933

2009/ 32(1): 33-40
Clifford M. Nelson 

The 16th International Geological Congress, Washington, 1933

17 / 1937 

USSR / Moscow

2004/ 27(2): 101-106
E.E. Milanovsky

Three sessions of the International Geological Congress held in Russia and the USSR (1897, 1937, 1984)

18 / 1948

U.K. / London

2004/ 27(3): 195-198
Rudolf Trümpy

The 18th International Geological Congress, Great Britain, 1948

19 / 1952

Algeria / Algiers

2005/ 28(4): 257-262  
Michel Durand-Delga  

The XIXth International Geological Congress, Algiers, 1952

20 / 1956

Mexico / Mexico City

2009/ 32(3): 194-207 
L. F. Mazadiego Martínez, O. Puche Riart

The 20th International Geological Congress, Mexico (1956)


21 / 1960 

Nordic Countries / Copenhagen

2007/ 30(2): 125-130 
Henning Sørensen

The 21st International Geological Congress, Norden 1960

22 / 1964 

India / New Delhi

2011/34(4): 263-267     
Kottapalli S. Murty, David Oldroyd

The 22nd International Geological Congress, New Delhi, 1964

23 / 1968

Czechoslovakia / Prague

2022 December online      
Zdeňka Petáková

The 23rd International Geological Congress (Prague, 1968) and the Five Warsaw Pact Members Occupation of Czechoslovakia

24 / 1972

Canada / Montreal

In progress
Assigned to author

25 / 1976        

Australia / Sydney

2015/ 38(3): 208-217 
Barry J. Cooper, David F. Branagan   

The 25th International Geological Congress, Sydney, Australia (1976)

26 / 1980 

France / Paris

2006/ 29(2): 123-127
Gabriel Gohau 

The 26th International Geological Congress, Paris, 1980

27 / 1984              

USSR / Moscow

2004/ 27(2): 101-106
E.E. Milanovsky             

Three sessions of the International Geological Congress held in Russia and the USSR (1897, 1937, 1984)

28 / 1989        

USA / Washington

2013/ 36(1): 58-65   
Clifford M. Nelson  

The 28th International Geological Congress, Washington, 1989

29 / 1992

Japan / Kyoto

2023 January online

Hirokazu Kato, Michiko Yajima, Toshihiro Yamada

The 29th International Geological Congress, Kyoto (1992): Geo-congress on island arcs

30 / 1996

China / Beijing

2023/ 46(2): 309-316
Jiuchen Zhang, Jingfei Zhang

The History and Outcomes of the 30th International Geological Congress, Beijing (1996)

31 / 2000      

Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

2016/ 39(3): 518-523 

Carlos O. Berbert, Umberto G. Cordani

The 31st International Congress, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2000


General History of the Geological Sciences Papers published in the IUGS Journal Episodes


A range of papers on the history of the geological sciences have been published in Episodes since it was established in 1978, many by members of INHIGEO and others by those with an interest in the history of our science. As well as historical research articles the wide spectrum of topics also includes historical profiles of the IUGS affiliates, biographies of geologists, historical background to significant events and reviews of books on history of geology.


INHIGEO as an IUGS commission encourages contributions to Episodes on all aspects of the history of the geological sciences in order to provide historical depths to modern geoscientific research.
If you are interested in submitting contributions on the general history of geological sciences, please contact the INHIGEO Publications and Outreach Coordinator.






Online April 2023

Susan Turner

IUGS-60th Women in the early years: Vera Lafferty and the beginnings of Episodes


46(2): 337-339

Chao Liu

Humanity Earth: The history of human understanding of the Earth
Book review


46(1): 117-125

Martin J. S. Rudwick

Georges Cuvier’s appeal for international collaboration, 1800


45(4): 455-456

Kathleen Histon

From Local Patriotism to a Planetary Perspective.

Impact crater research in Germany, 1930s ̶ 1970s.
Book Review.


44(4): 469-471   

Ricardo N. Alonso

La Mujer en la Geología.

Book review.


44(4): 467-468

Kathleen Histon

Rebels, Scholars, Explorers.

Book Review.


42(1): 69-75
Mike Johnston and Marianne Klemun

Looking back to the roots of INHIGEO: The inaugural and 50th anniversary

meetings held in Yerevan in 1967 and 2017.


40(3): 189-199

Elena A. Jagt-Yazykova,

and Grzegorz Racki

Vladimir P. Amalitsky and Dmitry N. Sobolev – late nineteenth/ early twentieth

century pioneers of modern concepts of palaeobiogeography, biosphere evolution and mass extinctions


37(4): 333-333


David R. Oldroyd (1936-2014)


36(4): 304-306
Toshihiro Yamada

Seventeenth century geological thought in the context of Steno's scientific

texts. Book Review

Nicolaus Steno: Biography and Original Papers of a 17th Century Scientist, By

Tardel & Maquet.


36(1): 75-76
David R. Oldroyd

The Life and Work of Professor J.W. Gregory FRS (1864–1932)

By Bernard E. Leake. Book review.


35(1): 44-56
David F. Branagan

Fleshing out the Landscape: Two centuries of Australia’s geological heroes.


34(4): 282-284 
David R. Oldroyd

Travels of Hochstetter and Haast in New Zealand 1858–1860

By Mike Johnston and Sascha Nolden. Book Review. 


34(1): 57-58

Alberto C. Riccardi

The 50th Anniversary of the IUGS.


31(1): 185-192
Björn Sundquist, et al.   

History of Geology in Norden.


27(3): 229-230 
David Oldroyd

INHIGEO: The International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences.


25(4): 288-289
Andrew Skinner

The International Association of Hydrogeologists


24(3): 182-193  
Martina Kölbl-Ebert                   

On the origin of women geologists by means of social selection:

German and British comparison.


22(1): 36-40
Martina Kölbl-Ebert

Observing orogeny — Maria Graham’s account of the earthquake in Chile in 1822.

21(3): 172-177
Gerald M. Friedman

Sedimentology and stratigraphy in the 1950s to mid-1980s:
The story of a personal perspective.


21(1): 3-10
Peter J. Wyllie

Hutton and Hall on theory and experiments: the view after 2 centuries


15(2): 101-108 
Christy Vodden

150 years in the history of the Geological Survey of Canada


14(4): 341-343
Allan López


13(1): 18-21
Felix Chayes

Notes on the prehistory and early history of digitized data bases
and related information systems in igneous petrology.


12(4): 257-262  
John F. Bookout

Two centuries of fossil fuel energy


12(3): 184-189 
Olivier Y. Dottin

The Commission for the Geological Map of the World at cartographic

crossroads - The past, Present, and future of an IUGS affiliate responsible for mapping the world


12(2): 97-100
Robert W. Boyle

IAGOD: History and Aims-the International Association
on the Genesis of Ore Deposits


12(1): 3-5
Manfred Menning

A Synopsis of Numerical Time Scales 1917-1986


11(1): 3-4
Gordon Y. Craig and Endre Dudich

International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences


10(4): 297-302 
Brian J. Skinner

Changing Thoughts About Mineral Deposits: The 5th to 28th IGC


10(2): 107-110 
Francis Saupé      

The Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA)


9(4): 232-234
John B.W. Day

The International Association of Hydrogeologists at 30


9(3): 166-168

Hutchinson, R.W.

The Society of Economic Geologists


9(3): 155-159
Brian Hitchon 

The International Association of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry


8(4): 231-235

Michael G. Bassett

'Transition Rocks and Grauwacké' - The Silurian and Cambrian Systems
through 150 Years


8(4): 252-256

Curt Teichert and Ellis L. Yochelson

The International Palaeontological Association: Historical Perspective


8(3): 169-172

Waclaw Ryka and Zbigniew Werner

Ten Centuries of Salt Mining in Poland


2(2): 18-21

Michael G. Bassett

100 Years of Ordovician Geology


2(1): 20-22

Mary C. Rabbitt

The U.S. Geological Survey at 100


1(1): 20-23

James M. Harrison


1(1): 3-5

Gordon Y. Craig

Episodes and engravings: James Hutton and John Clerk




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