Countries Represented 56                                

Algeria (1), Argentina (7), Armenia (3), Australia (12), Austria (14), Bangladesh (1), Belgium (1), Brazil (8), Canada (7), Chile (2), China (20), Colombia (1), Costa Rica (2), Czech Republic (4), Ecuador (1), Estonia (1), France (15), Germany (8), Greece (1), Hungary (9), India (2), Ireland (3), Italy (26), Japan (14), Kenya (1), Latvia (1), Lithuania (5), Madagascar (1), Malaysia (1), Mexico (9), Morocco (2), Namibia (1), Netherlands (5), New Zealand (4), Norway (2), Pakistan (1), Papua New Guinea (1), Poland (9), Portugal (5), Romania (1), Russia (13), Serbia (4), Slovenia (1), Slovak Republic (1), South Africa (6), Spain (8), Sweden (1), Switzerland (4), Thailand (3), Turkey (2), United Kingdom (13), USA (33), Uzbekistan (1), Venezuela (3), Yemen (1), Zimbabwe (2).


Refer to current INHIGEO Annual Record for full list of members and their contacts.




The International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences welcomes enthusiasts from all over the globe. INHIGEO Members are scientists, historians, and other scholars with a record of publications and/or other activities in the field of the history of geological sciences.

INHIGEO membership is country related and acquired by nomination: Prospective members are normally nominated by at least one INHIGEO member and with the support of one Member of the INHIGEO Board, or by a National Committee of Geology or History of Science.

If, however, you are not acquainted with an INHIGEO Member and think that you could contribute to the work of the commission, please do not hesitate to make an application directly to the Secretary-General. A nomination form may be downloaded here.

Applications are especially encouraged from underrepresented countries. A list of member countries is shown below the map and is given in the current Annual Record.

Nominations are reviewed annually by the INHIGEO Board and the decision regarding acceptance is conveyed at the subsequent INHIGEO Business Meeting. The list of new nominees is then announced in the Commission’s correspondence to Members.




Ordinary Members: have a record of demonstrated achievements in the history of geology.
Associate Members: show interest in the work of the Commission and in the history of geology.

Associate Members cannot hold office, make nominations, or participate in ballots, but in other respects benefit from the advantages of INHIGEO membership. Over time, Associate Members with increased activities and publications on the history of geological sciences are encouraged to apply for Ordinary INHIGEO membership.




INHIGEO members participate actively in
-) international networks and interdisciplinary cooperation projects
-) scientific symposia and fieldtrips sponsored by the commission
-) promotion and diffusion of local/regional/national research initiatives
-) publication of individual and collective works on the history of the geological sciences
-) exchange of ideas and information on historical sources
-) creating a forum of international expert scholarship focused on setting high standards
-) creating a supportive and stimulating forum for those interested in history of the geological sciences




Members of the commission are expected to carry out and publish research, promote, stimulate and coordinate activities on the history of geology, contribute to country reports for the INHIGEO Annual Record and participate whenever feasible in the scientific activities of the commission. Symposia and fieldtrips have been held all over the world since 1967 (see list of all INHIGEO Symposia).

INHIGEO membership is ongoing, provided that participation in INHIGEO activities continues. Every four years Members are asked whether they wish to continue their INHIGEO membership. Failure to respond will normally result in cancellation of membership. Activities contrary to the Bylaws, Objectives and Strategies of INHIGEO may also result in termination of INHIGEO membership.


INHIGEO Terms of Reference: Bylaws, Strategies and Objectives



Our Partners

  • International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)
  • International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • The History of Earth Sciences Society

INHIGEO encourages scholars to join HESS and publish their papers in the journal "Earth Sciences History":


Our Mission

The primary objective of INHIGEO involves promoting studies in the history of geological disciplines . In so doing, the Commission endeavours to stimulate and coordinate the activities of regional, national, and international organizations having shared purposes. The Commission also works to foster the publication of individual and collective works that illuminate the history of the geological sciences .

INHIGEO is an ongoing Commission, which acts within an international context and with an interdisciplinary approach, addressing the varied topics of history of Earth sciences within congresses, symposia, articles, books, collections of documents and digitalisation projects.


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