Anniversaries in Geo-History

The INHIGEO Anniversary series of concise and popular papers on diverse aspects of the History of the Geological Sciences is published online in the IUGS E-Bulletin.


At the invitation of the IUGS INHIGEO established this series in 2018 for short "Anniversary” articles that focus on a particular event, person, theory or pivotal publication in the Geological Sciences related to a certain year, sometimes down to the actual month, hence the overall title “Anniversaries.”

A short outline of the topic in ques tion is published in the IUGS E-Bulletin with a permanent link to the complete article archived on the Anniversaries page on the INHIGEO Website. The series has been well received and forms an important component of the INHIGEO commission’s outreach activities.


If you are interested in submitting contributions for this series, please contact the INHIGEO Publications and Outreach Coordinator.



IUGS E-Bulletin 192, November 2022 Martina Kölbl-Ebert
IUGS E-Bulletin 191, October 2022 Alberto Riccardi
IUGS E-Bulletin 190, September 2022 Johannes Mattes
IUGS E-Bulletin 189, August 2022 Pierre Savaton
IUGS E-Bulletin 188, July 2022 Kathleen Histon, Martina Kölbl-Ebert, Ezio Vaccari
IUGS E-Bulletin 188, July 2022 Sally Newcomb
IUGS E-Bulletin 187, June 2022 Sharad Master
IUGS E-Bulletin 186, May 2022 Ezio Vaccari
IUGS E-Bulletin 185, April 2022 Simon Nathan
IUGS E-Bulletin 184, March 2022 Jiuchen Zhang, Jingfei Zhang & Gengshen Zhan
IUGS E-Bulletin 183, February 2022 Martin J.S. Rudwick
IUGS E-Bulletin 182,

January 2022

Wolf Mayer
IUGS E-Bulletin 181, December 2021 John Diemer
IUGS E-Bulletin 180, November 2021 Martina Kölbl-Ebert
IUGS E-Bulletin 179, October 2021 Ezio Vaccari
IUGS E-Bulletin 178, September 2021 Kathleen Histon
IUGS E-Bulletin 178, September 2021 Sharad Master
IUGS E-Bulletin 177, August 2021 Toshihiro Yamada

IUGS E-Bulletin 176,

July 2021

Martina Kölbl-Ebert
IUGS E-Bulletin 175, June 2021 Carol Bacon

IUGS E-Bulletin 174,

May 2021

Silvia Figueirôa, William Brice & Margaret Lopes
IUGS E-Bulletin 173, March 2021 Steve Rowland
IUGS E-Bulletin 173, February 2021

Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 169, August 2020 Kenneth L. Taylor
IUGS E-Bulletin 161, December 2019 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 153, April 2019 Kenneth L. Taylor
IUGS E-Bulletin 151, February 2019 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 150, January 2019 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 149, December 2018 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 145, August 2018 C.M. García Cruz
IUGS E-Bulletin 144, July 2018 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 143, June 2018 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 142, May 2018 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 141, April 2018 Marianne Klemun
IUGS E-Bulletin 140, March 2018 Kenneth L. Taylor



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Our Mission

The primary objective of INHIGEO involves promoting studies in the history of geological disciplines . In so doing, the Commission endeavours to stimulate and coordinate the activities of regional, national, and international organizations having shared purposes. The Commission also works to foster the publication of individual and collective works that illuminate the history of the geological sciences .

INHIGEO is an ongoing Commission, which acts within an international context and with an interdisciplinary approach, addressing the varied topics of history of Earth sciences within congresses, symposia, articles, books, collections of documents and digitalisation projects.


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