Research Publications

Listed below are recent publications, sponsored by INHIGEO:

Symposium 39
Asilomar, California (2014)

Symposium 40 Asilomar, California (2014), Papers presented at the INHIGEO meeting are published in Earth Sciences Society, Vol. 34, Issue 2 (2015): 169-332, ed. by John Diemer.

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Symposium 38
Manchester, GB (2013)

Symposium 39 Manchester, GB (2013), Papers presented at the ICHSTM/INHIGEO meeting 2013 in Manchester are published in Earth Sciences History, Vol. 33, Issue 2 (2014):187-293, ed. by John Diemer.

(available at

Symposium 37
Brisbane, Australia (2012)

Papers presented at the IGS/INHIGEO meeting 2012 of “The Branagan Symposium” are published in Earth Sciences History, Vol. 32, Issue 1 (2013), ed. by David R. Oldroyd.

(available at

Symposium 36
 Visual Images and Geological Concepts: Proceedings of INHIGEO 2011
Japanese Association for the History of Geology (2012)
Symposium 35
Almadén (2010)
INHIGEO meeting 2011 Madrid-Almadén-Iberian Pyritic Belt, Spain. De Re Metallica 13: 116 pages (2009).

(available at

History of Research in Mineral Resources.
Cuadernos del Museo Geominero, 13. Instituto Geológico y Mindero de Espaňa, Madrid (2011)

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Symposium 32 Eichstätt (2007)
Geology and Religion: A history of harmony and hostility
Geological Society of London
Special Publication SP-310 (2009)
Symposium 31 Vilnius (2006)
Contributions to the History of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology
Geological Society of London
Special Publication SP-301 (2008)
Symposium 29
Florence (2004)
The Origins of Geology in Italy,
Geological Society of America
Special Publication SP-411 (2007)

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Symposium 28
Dublin (2003)
Four Centuries of Geological Travel: The search for knowledge on foot, bicycle, sledge and camel
Geological Society of London
Special Publication SP-287 (2007)




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Our Mission

The primary objective of the INHIGEO involves promoting studies in the history of geological disciplines. In so doing, the Commission endeavours to stimulate and coordinate the activities of regional, national, and international organizations having shared purposes. The Commission also works to foster the publication of individual and collective works that illuminate the history of the geological sciences.


INHIGEO achieves its objective by sponsoring a major annual symposium with associated field activities. It also promotes publication of individual and collective works on the history of geology and issues a substantial "Annual Record" that details historical research into earth sciences worldwide, publicises other pertinent historical activities and provides scholarly reviews of recent literature on the subject.


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